Before make a good site. You need the best web hosting service too. This site give you details and cost of web hosting service that trusted.


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Different between web hosting plan.

Share hosting plan:

- Lowest cost.
- Share resource for many users by separate to partition for each user.
- If config file permission properly another user can access your file too.
- Not fully support Secure HTTPs because have many account share same ip address and name server, Because all user use same ip and name based must have only one Digital certificate.

VPS (Virtual private server) server

- cost between share hosting plan and dedicated hosting plan and can adjustable cost anytime.
- each user have their own visual server (software)
- separated operating system, each user can access their operating and install almost software that run on his OS.
- CPU, ram , disk space, bandwidth still share to all user.

Dedicated hosting plan: 

- highest cost.
- each user have his own physical server.
- each server have unique ip address.
- fully control his server
- highest speed and reliable. Small downtime.
- each user have their own cpu, ram, disk space bandwidth.

Cloud hosting plan:

- Simple concept of cloud " Pay what you use ". 
- cloud server use resource that prepare by 3 rd party service, control by data center. That mean you can expand space, cpu, ram, bandwidth anytime and no limit resource (theory)
- user can adjust cost, space, ram, cpu that suitable for his or her site and can change anytime.
- other computer in the cloud data center can compensate if some piece of computer in the cloud server have problem. that's the reason why cloud server have lowest downtime
- high reliable, lowest downtime.
- each user have their own visual server.
- disadvantage of cloud server plan.
   - you can't know where is your data storage.
   - not suitable for direct download website (more than 2TBs bandwidth per month)

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