Before make a good site. You need the best web hosting service too. This site give you details and cost of web hosting service that trusted.


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How to find good web hosting service for your site.

- if your site still new and you have low budget, you need to buy share hosting package first and upgrade to vps hosting package or dedicated web hosting package in future.

- If you have good budget, buy dedicated host  package will be better. delicated host package cost more but give you more feature too.

- web hosting service that have online chat and phone support  section will give you faster support than another web host that have only contact e-mail. Problem with your site fews minutes can make you loss revenue over 10 - 1000 $ if your site famous.

- Share hosting plan seem have better feature than vps or dedicated hosting (such as limited bandwidth and space) but in practical site that use share hosting package will down if huge members visit to that site. Dedicated server plan give you one lack of server per account, that mean dedicated server plan have lowest downtime compare to share hosting server plan.

- Don't believe in review web site 100% because some hosting service site's owner pay money to reviewer to make their site look reliable.You can find real prove that web hosting service is good or not by search whois record of popular site in google search, whois record web site always show server information of the site you search.

- Don't fall for very low cost web hosting service, I was victim of low cost web hosting service once. Lack of support, php code not working, site down every two days. "No excellent service with low cost"  4 $ per month is acceptable cost for web hosting service but don't compare to high cost web hosting service because server cpu, ram, speed will different so much. 

- If you still need more prove about web hosting service, you can join forum that relate to web hosting service, web master. you will get more good information.

- Some web hosting service not support all script . If you use frontpage program to build your website, you should find web hosting service that support frontpage script; otherwise you web site will be display incorrectly. If you use php code you should find site that use apache web server engine because it will make your site more faster. If you use asp, you should find site that use IIS web server engine base or your asp script won't work.

- If you use site that contain forum, chat you must find web hosting service that have deny ip manager (some cheap cost web hosting don't have this feature). IP deny manager will help you  
get rid of bot spam easier.

- Some web hosting service offer 1 click website building, this feature good for people that not have good skill about coding but he have good content. 

- Find web hosting service that have server in same place of youe target visitor. It's will make your web site respond faster if server and target visitor are same area.

- Free web hosting service is the best choice if you make your site for personal sharing. But free web hosting service not good for e-commerce,forum, huge traffic site because free web hosting can disappear anytime or sometimes your data will be lost. If you still need to use free hosting service. I recommend you to back up your site every 3 days. 

- Find premium hosting service that contain so many server. Some web hosting service have 4 - 5 servers, you will know well if some of them have problem. Web hosting service that contain so many server can switch your site from server that have problem to the healthy one; your site downtime problem will be gone faster, but premium hosting service may cost more than normal one.

- Beware  web hosting service that have hidden fee charge such as set up fee, backup fee, or else. check carefully before spend money from your pocket.

Google fine tune search for web hosting service.


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