Before make a good site. You need the best web hosting service too. This site give you details and cost of web hosting service that trusted.


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How to become web master.

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Everyone can has their own site, but how to make their site successfully? 

     1. You need to know basic knowledge about coding at least and you need to know how to use dreamwaver , microsoft frontpage, or other program that help you make good website (you can even use notepad if you have good coding skill).
Basic web site code and script are html, css style, php, java script,, xml; you will see the scripts in every website.
Every website use html as basic code. Html code use less bandwidth, load fast, and every browser and web hosting service support html code. However you won't see nice design website if the site use html code alone, but you can make your website look like professional design by use css style*
PHP script is other important code for web site. PHP script can connect with  database directly, so we always see php script in every web page that connect to database such as forum, chat room, shopping cart. However php code can only use in web host service that have php engine; otherwise your php code won't work. PHP script fully support Apache web server** base.
     ASP and ASP.NET (Active Server page dot net) working with IIS (Internet Information Service)*** server and dotnet framework must install. ASP, ASP.NET devoloped by microsoft since 1997.  ASP and ASP.NET function similar to php script and can work with Visual Basic, C++, C#, Perl complier. The script code allow user to modifier code with WYSIWYG website building program (php not fully support WYSIWYG). ASP, fully support IIS server*** 

Javascript is a language for programming that very popular. We can use javascript program to various aspects of the display. Javascript is able to interact with users instantly. Javascript working on browser directly (client-side script) so you can use javascript in any web page language code such as php, asp,, html, perl.  Javascript devoloped by Netscape Communications Coporation as "Live Script" combine with Netscape Navigator 2.0(browser) to make browser to communicate to server directly, then netscape coporate with sun microsystem since 1995 and improved script and change name to Javascript and continue using Javascript as trademark until today.XML (Extensive Markup Language) is the medium for the exchange of information, which is very flexible. The exchange of this information is not based on any platform.
XML is an extension of HTML that is XML does not show in itself. To display the correct result. It must be used  with other languages ​​such as HTML, JSP, PHP, ASP, VB, *. NET or any other language that supports. XML is a file extension of *. XML can be created from any type of Text Editor like Notepad,  DreamWeaver, MS Word etc.

    2. Domain Name (domain name) is a name of website. It must be unique to everyone else. "Site Name" is the first thing to show or announce their identity on the Internet for anyone to know. There can be only one name in the world like When users enter site name in the Address of browser, it will be submitted to domain name server and get the user IP address (Internet Protocol) to send the request to the destination IP address and destination ip address will respond by send data back to user

what you should know about domain name.

- domain name charactor must not over 63 charactors.
- domain name can use only a-z, A-Z and "_".
- cannot start with "-" and can't end with "-" and must not contain space.
- Capital letter or small letter not different A = a.
- domain name must be unique and easy to remember.
- domain name should be direct to your content.
   3. Host (hosting, web hosting, web hosting service) is where your website data storage, you can use your computer as host too. However your ip must be static ip, have good fire wall, have stable electricity, have high bandwidth both upload and download, you must have good knowledge to make your computer as web server, you cannot shut down you computer or your website down.  That look inconvenience?  That's why we see host service provider.

     Hosting service provider give you space to store your website data in their harddisk instead your own harddisk. You won't worry about electricity, data bandwidth, good firewall(cost so high), and experience about server set up.

What you should know about hosting service.

- choose host service that have good uptime.

- choose storage and bandwidth match you need(you can upgrade as you wish in future)

- choose hosting that have good customer support

- choose hosting that place in same area of you target user(it will help faster respond time)

- choose hosting by refer to hosting service that service to famous website.

- choose dedicated server (one cpu, storage, ram for your site only but cost high) if you want 
the best professional site that not down or limited resource when huge visitor visit your site.

- Don't choose free hosting service if you serious about your site, free hosting service slow,and maybe close someday and some free host will limited access to your control panel or place force ads in your site when your site famous
   You can see good web hosting service in menu bar of this site. All site that list here are reliable and fast support. 

  4. content of your site. People not want to surf site that full of banner and affiliate link but not have enough good and useful content. Write as much as you can but try to write only good article or people will leave your site when they see useless content. How to improve your content? Just see below and you will know it : ) .

-Join article writing site such as and write your own articles. If your article not pass requirement of the sites, they will send email to you about how to improve your writing skill. You will get good suggestion for free and if your article(s) pass minimum requirement of the site(s) you will get money from your article(s) also.

- Don't write article that you not know well about it. Someone try to write as many article as possible but don't even have skill about article what he write, and when people come to see that junk article he or she may leave the site forever.

- Don't copy other site content. Your site will look bad if you copy article from other site. However if you still not have idea about content in your site, you can read other people article and use his idea to write your own article. Beware: some site have copy right content too, you will be end up in jail if you copy content of the site. (+ _ + )'

- If you don't know where to start, you can start write about your hobby, travel, music or video that you like. You will see how easier to write what you love than write what you think that will bring visitor to your site. 

- ask friend to review your site and you will get real review about how to improve your web site content. 

- Don't make one page only site. Your site will be slow and people will see that you not serious about your site. and search engine will banned your site because your site loading slow. 

  5 .Bring traffic to your site.

- Advertise your web site. I recommend you use adwords to advertise your site, because adwords will bring quality visitors to your site.

- Find back link. This is very easy way and free to bring visitors to your site. First of all you should find high google rank forum, then post article and your web site link. when google, bing, yahoo, etc spider bot crawl to collect information of the site, your site link will collect to index page too. Beware: you should post in the right section in the forum or your post will be delete as spam. Forgot to tell you one thing, if the forum allow user to show their signature don't miss your chance to show your site link in your signature :P.

- Use social network such as,, and another social network website to advertise your website and add share button code in your web site.

- Add code Google plus and facebook like in your website. The more google plus point the more value your website.

- pinging search engine. They are many service that help you ping to search engine( google, yahoo, bing, etc.) anytime when you update your site. The service help your site index in search engine faster.
recommend pinging service.

* CSS style(CSS Style sheet) is script that control web page Layout such as font size, table style, scroll box style, and many more. You can link every page layout to one css style sheet, so you save your time to design every web page so much.

**Apache is free web server base engine that compatible with Linux, Solaris, UNIC and AIX and 50% of web server use Apache.

***IIS (Internet Information Service) is web server base engine that devolope by microsoft. IIS open port 80 (http port) for user who want to modified asp, code through browser. IIS service is only web server base that can interpret ASP code

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