Before make a good site. You need the best web hosting service too. This site give you details and cost of web hosting service that trusted.


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10.03.2011 good web hosting of the day. is low cost web hosting service but good uptime guaranteed (99.9%) cost start from 2.45$ a month for share hosting plan(1 year plan).  The site provide premium web hosting service such as dedicated server, vps server, cloud server too. have excellent support such as live chat, phone, and contact system that mean your web site will recover from problem as fast as possible.
The best deal of the site is 30 days money back guaranteed and use "Dell & IMB Branded servers boasting minimum Dual Xeon servers with 2GB of ram" for good stability.

web site screen shot.
The site give customer over 222 one click installation software, customer not require high skill to make a cool blog because of the softwares.
Free daily back up for all plan to protect customer's web site from data loss forever.
Free domain name for life for all plan (not include 2.45$ hosting plan), you will never need to pay your money for domain name as long as you use web hosting service of the site.
Free web site transfer if you plan to immigrate your web site from another web hosting service to 

Service of

share hosting plan.
cost start from 2.45$ per month (annual plan)

Storage:                4GB - unlimited depend on plan.
Bandwidth:           8 GB - 10 GB - Unlimited depend on plan.
Free set up:          true.
Ftp account:         Unlimited for all plan.
Money back:        30 days money back guaranteed.
domain allow:       1- unlimited depend on plan.

vps hosting plan.
cost start from 19.45$ - 79.45$ a month depend on plan.

Storage:                10 -70 GB depend on plan.
Bandwidth:           150 -1050 GB per month depend on plan.
Ram:                     384 - 1536 MBs depend on plan.
Domain name:      Free for all plan.
Control panel:      Free vps control panel (no hidden fee)
Full root access:  True.

cloud hosting plan.*
cost strat from 42$ - 255$  a month depend on plan.

Storage:              20 - 40 GBs depend on plan.
Bandwidth:         2 - 10 TB (1000 GBs) per month.
Ram:                    1 - 4 GBS depend on plan.
CPU:                     1 - 4 GHz CPU speed.
Uptime:                 100 %

Dedicated hosting plan.
cost start from 169$ - 999 per month depend on plan.

Storage:              250 GBs - 2000 GBs S.A.T.A. II
Band width:        2000 GBs - unlimited per month depend on plan.
Ram:                   1 GBs - 12 GBs ddr3 1333 ecc ram.
CPU:                   Athlon 64 x2 3800+ - Intel xeon E7420 24 cores @ 2.13 GHz 

Visit the site here.

*What is Cloud Hosting?

Cloud hosting is based on the most creative and advanced technologies that allows a large pool of servers and other hardware to act as one huge server which has significant advantage over the traditional hosting solutions. The main advantage of the system resource usage and the security of a website hosted on the public or private cloud is protected by many redundant servers instead of just one. The cloud technology also elimiates any physical hardware limitation for future growth and thus makes the solution extremely flexible and scalable at any given point of time.

       Any website or application hosted on a cloud is opearting on group of connected servers instead of limited to a single server like what we have in dedicated or shared hosting services. Since the website is running on a group of servers virtually, the system resource i.e CPU, RAM, Storage, Bandwidth is unlimited and you can always add more power to your cloud to scale up.


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